Casting Update 2012

THE DUMPING GROUND (CBBC) Kia Pegg is asked back for the part of Jody in this spin off from Tracey Beaker Returns.
YOUNG DRACULA (CBBC) Terry Haywood returns as Jonno Van Helsing
LIFE STORIES (BBC Learning) Humza Ali Khan plays Akeesh.
DOCTORS (BBC) Lauren Carse, Alex Wilson, Harriet Cains and Dylan Goodall all win featured parts.
ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (BBC/RED PRODS) Louis Greatorex lands a regular part in this new comedy drama playing Derek Jacobi’s grandson
SCOTT AND BAILEY (ITV) Kayleigh Mann lands her first professional role.
THE LIST (Now Films) Aoife Kennedy and Ellie Grainger play sisters in this thriller feature film.
SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (Dark Mirror Films) Dylan Goodall and Oliver Woollford undertake some motion capture work in their roles as fairies.
ECHO (NFS) Lauren Carse and Oliver Woollford play brother and sister in this excellently crafted highly emotional short.
CARDINAL (Outlaw Films) A music video to accompany ex Workshopper Rob Green’s debut single – Cardinal – is like a who’s who of Workshop talent – Aisling Loftus, Joe Dempsie, Georgia Groome, Kiran Landa, Tim Evans, Andre Squire, Aaron Smith, Ladene Hall, Dalton Walters and Under 11 Curtis Brown all feature as scenarios depicting the seven deadly sins Jack Curtis writes and directs.
MURDER (BBC) This powerful drama has Joe Dempsie as the lead with Lauren Socha in a supporting role. Ex member Darren Campbell landed the part of the boyfriend through a Workshop casting.
TOYS R US (Tomboy Films) Luca Sterling plays a very young exec testing toys in this pilot ad.
NSPCC – the local NSPCC has returned to the Workshop for a number of info films detailing safe practice. Ella O’Brien, Kayleigh Mann, Matt O’Donnell, Leila Varnum, Louis Gaunt, Mahdea Mughal, Ryan Shaw, Alicia Lansom, Akil Beale, Lucy Carless and Stevie Grieves all took part in a variety of roles.
THE SATURDAY STAFF (Hat Trick) From this, Sarah White has been offered a part in another pilot by director Alex Winckler (and has been offered representation)
WHAT ABOUT ME? (Broadway Films) Meriel Ledwith, Lizzie Wood and Louis Gregory are offerd parts in this short about an alcoholic parent.
THE GO BETWEEN (BBC Radio) Oscar Kennedy plays Leo with Richard Griffiths in this radio remake
HUNTED (HBO/BBC) Oscar is the grandson of a gangster boss.
KIT KAT ONLINE VIRAL (NBC Universal) Nimesh Jani took part in a viral ad beatboxong alongside comedian Miles Jupp.
DERELICT (Confetti Films) Tom Thompson, Tom Cowling and Gemma Casely-Kirk work on this student directed short.
80,000 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (BFI) Amelia Linney, Alex Wilson and Bradley Badder took part in this drama documentary about children in care over Christmas
THE WORM COLLECTOR (Roundabout T.I.E. /Nottingham Playhouse) Ian Horgan is asked back to tour Notts schools in this one man show.
IN THE FLESH (BBC) Harriet Cains lands a main role as Jem in this BBC 3 Comedy drama about a zombie family.
THE VILLAGE (BBC) Bill Jones is given the young lead as Bert in this period drama. Matt O’Donnell plays his friend Alf. Luke Williams plays Paul and Chloe Harris plays Agnes – two very substantial roles
STARLINGS (Baby Cow) Holly Robyn Harrison and Becky Barnsley both get their first professional roles, joining ex Workshopper Finn Atkins in this comedy drama.
MOLLY MOON (Amber Entertainment) New boy Jadon Carnelly- Morris creates Workshop history by landing a lead role – Rocky – in this feature film before officially joining the group. It is directed by Christopher Rowley and based on the children’s books by Georgia Byng.
MISFITS (E4) Sarah White secures a lead guest role.
MY MAD FAT TEENAGE DIARY (Tiger Aspect) Eliot-Otis Brown Walters and Danny Fitzpatrick play Big G and Ninja in this new teen comedy. Sarah White and James Burrows also win supporting roles.
UTOPIA (Kudos) Oliver Woolford continues to land high profile roles in this futuristic drama. Oliver’s performance in BLACKOUT playing Christopher Ecclestone’s son had a number of agents asking after him.
THE DUMPING GROUND (CBBC) Kia Pegg continues working on this spin off drama and has been attached to a feature being developed by Ross Simpson and Ben Robinson.
LIVING THE DREAM(E4) Sarah White wins a key comedy role in this Hollyoaks – inspired comedy drama pilot.
DOCTORS(BBC) Stevie Grieves plays Mel Kerr in her first main role.
THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED (Hat Trick) Chris Howitt, Jamie Selfridge and Harpal Hayer assist in a hit on a water company.
FA TRAINING VIDEOS (The Media Group) Jadon Carnelly-Morris, Imogen Harcombe, Akil Beale, Humza Ali Kahn, Siobhan Duffy – Simms, Ella O’Brien, Alec Boaden and ex members Shauna Shim and Samita Karwal take on a number of roles including voice overs, interviews and dramas.
CONSORTIUM (Twist and Shout) Monique Mundle lands the role of Ellie in a six part training video.
Nimesh Jani also gets the part of a student in one of the episodes.
SAFESTORE AD (Blink Prods) Cameron Jones is the face of this ad.
SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT (Neontetra films) Ben Welch, Lauren Carse, Marcus Rutherford and Sarah White provide voices for a cartoon extolling the virtues of union membership!
ASTHMA TRAINING VIDEO (Atmospheres) Jorden Myrie and Josie McCormick play asthmatics.
PRAMFACE (BBC3) Sarah White plays the part of Jo – a chav mother.
THE LONG WAY DOWN (Ealing Studios) Sarah also plays Shanay in this film starring Pierce Brosnan.
PIGS (Lucky Giant/NBC Universal) Ben Welch, Phoebe Brown and Rob Green are selected to take part in this comedy pilot about the police.
NOTTS CREATIVE QUARTER PROMO (Spool) Ellie Grainger, Harvey Scrimshaw, and Humza Ali Khan are the children in this video.
THE DEVIL’S TOWER (Hawthorne Prods) Amelia Linney plays Mary Butler in this locally-shot film.
KING (Lovelock Prods) Ben Peebles wins the lead role of Elvis in this feature, only to have one of the funders pull out and have the film put back to next year.
SUMMER DAZE (C4) Nimesh Jani aka Lippicool appears in a reality tv “drama”
THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND (Mentorn) Oscar Kennedy plays the role of Noah
THE WHITE QUEEN (TBC) Oscar plays the role of the young Henry Tudor, filming in Bruges
THE LOVE INTEREST (Wellington Films) Luke Williams and Harriet Cains take key roles in this short.
NSPCC – Aoife Kennedy took part in this training video.
BEATS AND BRAINS 3 (Fourmost Films)- Rebecca Bell lands the part of an abused girlfriend.
TWINKLE, TWINKLE Demi Jo Parker works again with director Deborah Haywood who previously directed Demi in award-winning short film SIS

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