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Instinct: a new phone app that captures your reactions to the world around you, right there in the moment. A competition to find the ‘Face Of Instinct’ has taken the social media universe by storm… but two teenage girls have their friendship tested to the limit by the frenzy that follows.

A group of mysterious masked rebels begin to dominate the app, but what do they want? Can they be stopped? Whose face will finally sweep to victory?

Masks face humans, brains battle technology, and real life collides with the digital world in this brand new comedy thriller from the collective mind of The Television Workshop…

Age guideline 8+

Standard £10 (plus £1 booking fee)
Concessions (Under 16, Unwaged, OAP, Student) £8 (plus 80p booking fee)
Workshop Members (including Reserves and Alumni) £5 (plus 50p booking fee)

Tickets available here:

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