GAME: Pre-Match




It’s the semi-finals of the cup, and the first time Trent Ladies have made it there. But what happened last night threatens the game plan. A tale of ballsy women who will defend each other to the end… GAME ON! 

Listen here to Part One of Three, the audio play. The Trent Ladies FC players arrive at the ground for the build-up to the match, but other distractions start to surface…

WARNING: Frequent strong language and adult themes, recommended age 14+




Written & directed by Alison Rashley

Devised by The cast and creative team

Designer: Libby Robinson

Assistant Director: Amy Keen

Cast: Ellie Daley, Betsy Green, Sasha Hylton, Evie Farmer, Sophia Decaro, Leah Harris, Maddie Hutchison, Jasmine Warder, Jennifer Brown, Olivia Hopkinson, Amelia Dury, Simran Rakar, Louie Spooner, Alec Boaden

Recorded by Labyrinth Studios

Edited by Raphael Achache

Music by Rob Green


Stay tuned for Part Two, GAME: Half-time, the short film arriving soon!


And buy your tickets for Part Three, GAME: Post-Match, which you can attend at our venue in-person. Very limited availability: